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Too Auction or not Too Auction?
That is The Question?

Top Floor Auctions wants to help you earn money from old items you no longer want. Downsizing or home clearing has never been so attractive or easy! 

But too Auction or Not too Auction, that is the question? 

It depends on a number of elements. If your item is standard home-ware, you might be be better off using Facebook Market Place (and the buyer usually picks up). If your item is of value, antique, unusual, collectible, silver, gold or rare you can take it to any dealer who will, no doubt, offer to buy it from you.

But consider this........ You've probably seen Nigel Havers in the programme 'The Bidding Room' where dealers bid against each other for a particular item, getting the highest price. Well at our auction, we can achieve the same scenario for you, but with the potential of tens of thousands of individuals bidding on your item (assuming it grabs their interest). That's why, the unusual, rare, silver, gold, antique or quality items do so well. We recently sold to a collector in New York in excess of predictions, much to the delight of the seller. Another collector in Ireland purchased some excellent Chinese vases, again gaining an excellent return for the seller. Something that wouldn't have happened locally. 

So before you do anything, take a look at ALL of your options. With Top Floor Auctions it's our job to get YOU the best price we can. You can place a reserve price on your item (the minimum you'll accept), this could even be an amount you've been offered by a dealer, to see if you can do better at auction. There are fees to take into account, and there are no guarantees, but maybe the only thing lost is some time, the upside could be very exciting.    

We don’t have limits on the number of items we accept and we will try to guide you to a price that we think your item might sell at. But there are always surprises 

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