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About Our Long Melford Centre

Top Floor Auctions are the auction arm of the Melford Antiques, Interior & Lifestyle Centre. It means that we have unique and unusual items finding their way into the auction all the time via the centre.

If you're a seller, you can call into the centre at any time with your item to be left for a full appraisal. Your item can then logged for the next auction once the appraisal has taken place to your satisfaction. 

For buyers and collectors, you can view the catalogue on-line or come and view the items available in person during one of our viewing days. Bids can be left in person using the bid box, and one of our staff will contact you confirming your bid and letting you know the outcome of the sale.   

Top Floor Auctions features a large variety of collectibles, furniture, jewellery, china, antiques and other items. We serve a dual purpose: to help those in need of selling unique antique items, and to provide great finds for those looking to buy them at auction prices. We meet the needs of both buyers and sellers.

The merchandise we offer offers dealers, endless opportunities to find tasteful, collectible, functional and affordable items. Come experience what a positive buying and selling experience feels like. Check out why Top Floor Auctions is becoming a leading auction in Long Melford. Visit the centre today!

Register to view Auction Catalogue, Bid and be kept up-to-date - Top Floor Auctions Registration  

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